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Altunizade is a district located on the Anatolian side of Istanbul and attracts attention with its location close to business centers, universities, shopping centers and touristic places. Among the places to visit in the neighborhood are. Enjoy your Istanbul trip by renting a car from Otofilorent Car Rental services.

Camlica Hill: Camlica Hill, which is very close to the Altunizade district, has one of the most beautiful views of Istanbul. The historical peninsula of the city and the Bosphorus view can be seen from the hill. There are also several cafes and restaurants on the hill.

Beylerbeyi Palace: Located in Altunizade district, Beylerbeyi Palace is one of the most beautiful examples of Ottoman period architecture. There are various halls, courtyards and gardens in the palace. Also, the museum located in the palace offers visitors many artifacts that tell the history and culture of the palace.

Üsküdar Beach: Üsküdar Beach, which is very close to the Altunizade district, has one of the most beautiful views of the Bosphorus. You can take a walk on the beach, enjoy a coffee or a meal accompanied by the sea view.

Maiden's Tower: Maiden's Tower can be reached by a short ferry ride from Altunizade district. Located in one of the most beautiful spots of the Bosphorus, the Maiden's Tower is a historical building that has been the subject of many legends. You can watch the view of Istanbul from the tower and dine at the restaurant.

Fethi Pasha Grove: Close to Altunizade district, Fethi Pasha Grove is a place that draws attention with its natural beauties. You can take a walk in the greenery, have a picnic or just watch the natural beauties.

Çinili Mosque: Located in Altunizade district, Çinili Mosque is one of the most beautiful mosques of the Ottoman period. The tile work inside the mosque fascinates the visitors. Also, the fountain in the courtyard of the mosque is quite impressive.

Altunizade Cultural Center: Located in Altunizade district, the cultural center hosts many cultural events. You can attend events such as theatre, concerts, exhibitions and seminars.

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