Fleet Rental

You can send your request to the [email protected] e-mail address for private fleet rental services for your company.

What are the Advantages of Fleet Leasing?

Fleet leasing is the process of leasing a vehicle for a certain period of time. Compared to day chartering, fleet chartering can offer some advantages:

Long-term cost savings: Instead of renting a vehicle on a daily basis, you lease the vehicle for a longer period of time by leasing a fleet. This helps lower the overall cost.

Vehicle options: Fleet leasing has more options for leasing a vehicle. These options include newer models, more vehicle types and more features.

Maintenance and repair services: Fleet rental companies specialize in maintaining and repairing their vehicles on a regular basis. Therefore, vehicles you rent through fleet leasing are likely to be better maintained and repaired.

Quick and easy process: Fleet leasing is faster and easier than day leasing. Therefore, it helps businesses or individuals to rent a car faster according to their needs.

Custom contracts: Fleet leasing companies can offer contracts tailored to the specific needs of businesses or individuals. For this reason, it finds the opportunity to rent vehicles suitable for more specific needs through fleet leasing.

Since fleet leasing covers a longer period of time than daily leasing, it is important to read your contract terms more carefully. Also, the fleet rental process is suitable for businesses or individuals who only want to rent a vehicle for a certain period of time.
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