Every step we take while starting and continuing business life affects our career. Today, the building and sustainability of our career has become much more important than owning a business. Employees now want to manage their business life, which lasts for almost 40-50 years, more consciously and to make it sustainable. So, how can we put career building on a sustainable basis?

Sustainable career; It refers to the process by which we manage our goals and performance in harmony by creating a concrete action plan.

I say what I will never tire of emphasizing, no matter what stage of your career you are at: A concrete action plan!

• What do you want in your career?
• Where are you heading towards?
• Where do you see yourself five years, ten years from now, or even after you retire?

Answering these questions in a way that is based on concrete data can enable you to continue your career in a healthy way. As you move towards your goal:
• Introduce yourself,
• To be aware of their strengths and areas open to development,
• Developing your strengths and areas of development will help you make your career sustainable.

It is not easy to step into business life. Desired job, desired salary, stipulated conditions may not always be in front of you. It is much more valuable to start from somewhere rather than waiting for all this.

Every stage of your career journey, including getting fired, offers you opportunities for advancement. If you think that your career has come to a dead end and you do not know what to do, you should get rid of the limits of your mind and sail to new possibilities with a solutionist approach.
Be process-oriented while setting your goal in a sustainable career!

While building your career on sustainable foundations, you need to touch on an important point, which is "how important the process and stages you go through..." It would be wise not to rush up the career ladder like the fussy White Rabbit in Alice in Wonderland, according to their instant wishes. You can make your career sustainable by taking concrete steps, knowing what you want, what you may encounter in that process, being aware of your own characteristics, acting intimidatingly and considering alternative ways.

The first 5 years are very important in business life. These first 5 years, depending on how you spend it; It is a process where you will learn to the fullest, from seeing what you can do to understanding the written and unwritten rules of business life, from evaluating what you have planned at the beginning of your career, to the advantages of having 5 years of experience. My suggestion is that after these first 5 years, you should reconsider your planning so that your career can be sustainable.
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